• Q4 2007 - Added support for new option types, with ability to integrate customized option models into EnCompass risk engines. Added ability to back-test and explain P&L; change across configurable date ranges. Added ability to apply customized vol skew shocks.
  • Q3 2007 - Implementation at a major Canadian natural gas utility.
  • Q2 2007 - Version 6.0 released, introducing support for capital markets products - interest rate swaps/futures.
  • Q1 2007 - Implementation at a major Calgary-based marketer of natural gas and power, transacting in both Eastern and Western Canada. EnCompass was licensed to replace multiple existing systems.


  • Energy Risk Software Rankings - placed in six categories, ranked as best industry knowledge.
  • Implementation of EnCompass scheduling module at a major U.S. financial institution based in New York City.