The EnCompass Energy Suite is a fully integrated energy transaction and risk management system that covers all aspects of the energy transaction life-cycle. Beginning with the capture of transactions, through confirmations, operations, risk management and ending with invoicing, EnCompass handles transactions that cover the full spectrum of types and commodities.

  • Covers the complete life cycle of a transaction from transaction capture through confirmations, operations, risk management, credit management and settlement.
  • Manages any commodity with hourly, daily or monthly delivery
  • All units of measure supported within a particular commodity (both energy and volume), with appropriate conversion factors
  • Handles any commodity using delivery profiles (e.g. power), and all associated impacts of time zones and daylight savings
  • Supports any commodity with grades (crude oil, natural gas liquids)
  • Allows segregated management of multiple legal entities from transaction capture to invoicing and risk reporting
  • Fully multi-currency, with exchange rates managed at multiple levels in the system
  • Manages all components of commodity risk, including FX exposure and interest rates