Audit & Controls

Achieving and demonstrating compliance with continually evolving regulatory initiatives has become a critical business objective. The extensive auditing and control features built into EnCompass can help achieve this objective without introducing onerous overhead processes into your organization. Since all business functions occur within an integrated system, data integrity is ensured. There is only one version of data, and errors associated with redundant data and multiple deal entry are eliminated. Multiple business functions using the same dataset is a self-enforcing data validation process.

  • All significant tables in the system are audited.
  • All tables containing commercially relevant data maintain a full audit history.
  • Controls are implemented both as system defined restrictions, and as warnings which can be overridden, but which result in exception reports.
  • Deal changes are system restricted during various points of the life cycle (e.g. after settlement).
  • Users can define a process for locking deals based on deal status.
  • Comprehensive deal change reporting (who changed what and when)
  • Extensive end of day deal log reports.
  • All data associated with the life cycle of a transaction is available within one system.