Deal Pricing

Comprehensive pricing functionality allows entry of deals as they are commercially transacted. Complex pricing capabilities include formulas, tiered pricing, trigger pricing and tariff netback pricing (index plus/minus transportation tariffs).

Reference pricing (indices), plus or minus adjustments (adjustments can be in a different currency to the index)
Pricing can be in a different unit of measure than the underlying transaction quantity
Baskets of indices (e.g. average of a number of indices)
Tiered pricing (step pricing)
Floors, ceilings
Tariff-based net-back pricing on physical commodity transactions
Quality adjustments (e.g. WADFs)
Price conversions (e.g. for "trigger" pricing) with complete history of revisions
Volumetric (quantity-based) based on contract or delivered volumes
Fixed amount - monthly, one-time (e.g. options premium or prepayment)
Support for place-holder (estimated) fees with actuals entered at settlement time
Invoiced along with underlying commodity or independently on a separate invoice
Multiple fees per transaction
Full index management sub-system, including publications and definition of settlement schedules and averaging rules
Full support for holiday schedules and their impact on settlement dates, publication dates, delivery profiles etc.