Settlement and invoice/statement generation is fully integrated into all other aspects of transaction management, resulting in complete data integrity through to invoice creation.

  • All financial commodity transactions, capital market transactions, physical and transportation/transmission transactions are settled and invoiced within EnCompass.
  • The settlement workflow has numerous data and process controls to ensure all underlying data is validated.
  • Accrual generation based on best available pricing and volume information.
  • GL Interface architecture
  • Cash flow reporting.
  • Full support for complex pricing
  • Full support for standard taxes
  • Multiple invoice/statement formats are supported.
  • Extensive reporting of settlement data, including validation of underlying data and exception reporting.
  • Full support for currency conversions for all aspects of the transaction
  • Support for settlement netting within contracts
  • Automated settled price feeds for various publications (power and gas)
  • Support for energy and volume units for deal capture and actualization
  • Full support for heating value conversions in natural gas transactions, net back tariff based pricing, and quality adjustments